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    The continuous rotation of the spindle allows measurements to be made over time, permitting analysis of time-dependent fluids; The rate of shear is constant, so both Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids can be tested; By rotating the spindle at several different speeds, shear dependent behavior can be analyzed

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    Jul 22, 2013 · Hydrostatic and Hydrodynamic Spindles Part 1. Posted on July 22, 2013 by machineuptime In the small world of precision spindles, there exist two types of bearings; rolling element bearings and non-contact type bearings.

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    machine tool spindle, a non-rotating element that closes precisely against the rotor, a housing that connects the supply hose to the non-rotating element, and seals that contain the coolant fluid. Bearing-supported unions connect the rotor to the housing with one .


    A COMPARISON OF ROLLING ELEMENT AND HYDROSTATIC BEARING SPINDLES FOR PRECISION MACHINE TOOL APPLICATIONS Dr. Kevin L. Wasson Hardinge, Inc. Elmira, NY USA INTRODUCTION The type of rotary motion bearings principally used in machine tool spindles are rolling element bearings. Spindles with hydrostatic fluid film bearings can be more desirable for

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    In the KomTronic® UAD system, the drive sits in the rotating KomTronic® electronics carrier at the spindle end. The draw bar tool is fitted on the front side of the spindle. The movement is transferred into the facing head using a rotating shaft in the spindle centre. Referencing is carried out using a reference switch in the facing head.

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    the spindle rotation rate as a method to remove artifact ec-centricity [18]. One of the most important advances in spindle metrology since the work by Bryan and Tlusty was the refinement of capacitance sensors with high sensitivity and resolution. An excellent background on capacitive sensors is available from Foldvari and Lion [19].